Monday, January 17

Saturday, November 27


We have evil spiders around these parts. Because our buildings are made of wood. Which is really stupid for a dry environment, but the HOA is just a ginormous group of douche bags. So there.

 And it rained. Which was TOTALLY awesome. Totally.

They're crafty little bastards, those spiders.

They also have a lot of spare time. Apparently. *eyes the gagillion spider webs all over the place. Including my lights. Argh.*

Like I said, crafty little bastards.

Saturday, October 30

Nature stuff

An actual post. Amazing. Not really.

Remember how I said I'd post pictures of trees and all that good natural stuff? No? Okay then, here ya go anyways.

 Okay, so a flower isn't a tree. Shut up.

From the Copper trip you may have read about here.

I'll post more of em if anyone requests, but otherwise I'll probably be a greedy ho and keep them on my flickr page and in the computer.